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Saint Gobain ProductionSaint Gobain Production

Saint-Gobain PAM UK specialises in the manufacture of cast iron above and below ground drainage systems and rainwater and gutter systems.
Cast iron gutters have been manufactured at the Telford Sinclair site for over 100 years - previously under names Allied Iron pre-1969, then Glynwed Foundries before by acquired by Saint-Gobain in 1997.

Manufacturing at Telford is operated under strict quality management systems BS EN ISO 9001:2004 and has been awarded the 'manufacturing to Environmental Standards' accreditation BS EN ISO 14001:2004.
This standard was developed to help manufacturers maintain and improve their management of environmental responsibilities and assist them in ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Quality manufacturing:

Saint-Gobain PAM UK centrifugally spin their rainwater pipes that ensures consistent section dimensions, unlike pipes produced by the old sand cast method which are prone to produce pipes with 'thick' and 'thin' spots making the pipe inherently weaker. The volume gutters are produced from spun castings using a plasma cutter - providing top quality gutters that are consistent and straight. The gutter and rainwater downpipe fittings are manufactured using various methods:

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